Spokane River Video

Sean Visintainer - 08/09/19

The Spokane River is a unique, wild urban trout fishery home to native Redband trout, bass, cutthroat, browns, and whitefish.

Spokane River fun

We got the opportunity to shoot some video the other day with our buddies over at
Inland Film Co. Mitch Williams and Sam McGhee are the masterminds behind this local production company and do incredible work. They both happen to be fly anglers as well so they understand the ins-and-outs of a day on the river. A win-win for us!

This short clip from our filming showcases the beauty of our hometown river. This unique, wild, urban trout fishery is home to native Redband trout, browns, and westslope cutthroat and a mix of others. It's certainly one of the most diverse fisheries I've ever fished and I rank it as my favorite for it's variety of angling styles, water types, fish, and scenery. Enjoy!