Spokane Summer Evenings

Sean Visintainer - 06/18/19

A beautiful Spokane River Redband on a fine summer evening.

9 points of interest for afterwork Spokane River Fishing.

With summer Solstice coming up very soon the evenings are as long as they will be all year. If you live in the Spokane area that means the Spokane River evening fishing is in full swing for some afterwork action. If you find yourself lucky enough to break away in the evenings here are a few Spokane River tips that you should know.

  1. Bring a headlamp!
    Some of the best fishing happens the last 45 mins of daylight which means you are packing it out in the dark.

  2. Watch for poison ivy!
    It's rampant on the Spokane and trust me, it really sucks. Just ask Kenyon or I. If you don't know what it looks like.... GOOGLE IT!

  3. The best dry fly action is once the sun settles down on the horizon.
    Big chernobyls, pmx, or caddis will bring fish to the surface.

  4. Caddis are the main hatch of summer.
    Bring caddis pupa, soft hackles and some dries. A size 14 in olive or tan usually will work. Bead heads!

  5. Spokane River fish LOVE peacock.
    Jig prince, beadhead prince, peacock soft hackles, etc.

  6. Euro fishing slays fish.
    Come see us and we can line you up with all the right gear. We have A LOT!

  7. If it's too dark to see your flies, indicator, or euro sighter on the water try swinging soft hackles (or streamers). The fish love to chase a swung fly and it's easier to feel the "grab" rather than look for it when it's dark.

  8. Don't leave valuables in your car.
    We are in a metropolitan area and while incidences are not frequent, car break-ins still happen. I heard of one recently and it's always a bummer when it does happen.

  9. Enjoy the evening!
    We are fortunate to have this wild trout fishery in our backyard. It's not the easiest river, but it is a rewarding river for those that put in the work.

Caddis flies are the main insect hatch on the Spokane River during the summer.