Spokane River Regulations Reminder

Sean Visintainer - 07/23/20

Spokane River guide Kenyon Pitts drifts along with anglers (summer 2019 photo).

No excuses

With lots of folks seeking solitude and fresh air this year many people have been out enjoying our public fisheries. Waterways such as the Spokane River however have special regulations.

Because of the special regulations and increased new river traffic there also seems to be a large rise in poaching. Many anglers, and our guide staff, have witnessed more illegal fishing practices than ever.

The Spokane River fishing rules are simple:

Spokane River Fishing Regulations

If you see poaching in progress on the Spokane River please call or text one (or all) of the Spokane area WDFW officers listed on our Fishing Reports Page.

Following the rules are also simple. There are no excuses when we live in a world of smart phones and GOOGLE!