Spokane River Reg Signage

Sean Visintainer - 08/03/20

Spokane River fishing regulations sign informing anglers of the special rules and season in place on the Spokane River.

Signage install underway.

Spokane River anglers will start to notice a little pop of color along numerous river access locations drawing their attention to the fisheries special regulations.

The idea of new signage came about from my brother Mike, a weekly angler and advocate of the Spokane, who realized that there was a lack of signage along the bank informing anglers of it's season and special rules.

The idea spawned a fundraiser with our local Spokane Falls Trout Unlimited chapter and helped raise funds for the better signage.

A big thanks to Mike and others involved from Spokane Falls Trout Unlimited who helped make this project come to life as well as all of those that came out to the film event a couple years ago and supported the cause!

An additional shout out to Silver Bow guide and Spokane Falls TU board member, Britten Jay, who got a bulk of the signs installed this past week.