Spokane River Fly Fishing

Sean Visintainer - 06/08/21

A Spokane River Redband trout.


For those living or visiting the Spokane Region you quickly realize how fortunate we are to have a plethora of waterways nearby. Whether the mountain streams of nearby North Idaho are your getaway, or perhaps one of the 75 stillwater opportunities within an hour radius of Spokane that provide everything from trout, to bass, pike, and a host of spiny rays. The possibilities are endless.

Through the heart of all of this lies the Spokane River. A native trout fishery home to the iconic Redband trout. This resilient species has stood the test of time through many changes and provides fly anglers the opportunity for a wilderness fishing experience in an urban setting.

Fly fishers looking to catch their first Redband in the Spokane will need to be prepared with fly rods and leader material strong enough to battle hearty fish that love to put on a show. A good 5 or 6wt rod with plenty of backbone, floating line, and good wading boots are a must to navigate the tricky currents and large, slick boulders. Due to the lack of aquatic insects most of the Spokane's trout are caught subsurface on nymph or streamer tactics. For those that love dry fly fishing summer hatches of caddis are prolific and a caddis emerger or adult fished late in the evening can bring fish up. When no hatches are present a foam attractor dry fly can entice fish to the surface when prospecting good looking current seams.

While the Spokane River may not have the fish numbers of other famous fisheries, this wonderful river gives us the first class fun minutes from home amongst a population of a few hundred thousand folks that you would never know were nearby when wading its river banks.

If you would like to fish with us on the Spokane River give us a call or email and we would love to show you what it's about!


Silver Bow guide Bjorn Ostby enjoying some fishing on the Spokane River.