Spokane River Flows

Sean Visintainer - 06/13/22

Spokane River

Healthy flows, healthy fish

Flows have been bank-to-bank on the Spokane River this spring. I went and checked things out last Friday and despite the river being very high, it was looking pretty good.

I don't personally recommend it at these levels, and if you did attempt it please exercise extreme caution. Jesse from the shop has been finding fish in a few areas where fish can escape the main river flows. Those spots are ultra limited though and generally there is zero reason to step foot in the water. The fish are on the banks, but they are very hungry and supercharged right now reports Jesse.

While June is slipping by and we have not been able to run our normal Spokane River guided fly fishing trips, this summer should be a great one for our local fishery. Last year in late June we were facing record heat and considerably less water. Not true for this year! As I write this the daytime temp is in the upper 40's and guess what... It's raining!

When flows do finally settle down we will be here to get you on the river. Call Bo Brand the Silver Bow Guide Manager and he will put you on the schedule!

Spokane River