Spokane River Fishing Regulation Signs

Sean Visintainer - 07/01/19

Spokane River Fishing Regulation and Seasons signs will be installed along key access areas on the Spokane River 2019.

Know the rules

Just a quick update regarding our 2018 Spokane River Benefit project. Last year's fundraiser money was for improving Spokane River fishing regulation signage along the Spokane River. The signs were to spell out the updated rules, regulations, and seasons in an easy to read format that was highly visibly and be mounted in all the major river access areas.

The Spokane River fishing rules changed this past year and now the "upper", "middle", and "lower" regions from the Idaho stateline down to the Plese Flats day use area fall under the same rules and seasons. These simplified rules and dates will hopefully reduce confusion about when you can and can't fish the river, and inform anglers that special regulations apply like barbless hooks and wild trout must be released.

Look for signs to begin to pop-up along the Spokane River starting soon!