Spokane River - Evening Video

Sean Visintainer - 06/28/19

Otto Klein from the Spokane Indians Baseball Team enjoys late evening fly fishing on the Spokane River with the nice dry fly caught Redband Trout.

Late evening summer vibes

Last week while fishing the Spokane River one late evening I was playing around with video on a camera I normally just use for shooting photography. While I have shot many YouTube videos in the past, I'm still just a hack and fumble my way around the video shooting / editing / uploading process. This whopping 30 second clip took way too long to make for a neophyte such as myself lol.

Anyways, enjoy this short clip from some evening fishing on the Spokane River! It's a great late-evening fishery with big chernboyls and you can get some very nice wild Redband trout to eat on the surface!

Have a great weekend and take advantage of these long days on the water!