Spokane River Closed

Sean Visintainer - 03/18/19

Spokane Redband

Spokane River is CLOSED from Nine Mile Falls Dam to WA/ID State Line.

As of Friday March 15th the Spokane River is closed for the season on the Washington side. By the amount calls we have had regarding fishing it and seeing anglers fishing it this weekend in the closed areas we feel it necessary to post that the river is CLOSED. The only stretches open are the Idaho side and below Nine Mile Falls Dam and downstream

The reason for the closure on the Washington side is to protect the remaining Redband trout during their spawning season.

These stretches will reopen the Saturday before Memorial Day, which is May 25th.

Please follow read fishing regulations and follow the rules, it is the responsibility of all of us... just like the rules of the road when you are driving your car.

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River Fish Species Rules
Spokane River - Spokane Co. from Nine Mile Dam upstream to the Idaho/Washington state line ALL SPECIES
TROUT - Sat. before Memorial Day-Mar. 15

OTHER GAME FISH - Sat. before Memorial Day-Mar. 15
Selective gear gules.
No min siz. Daily limit 2. Release all TROUT other than hatchery RAINBOW TROUT


Washington Fish & Game Fishing Regulations

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