Spokane River Public Cleanup Dates

Michael Visintainer - 04/06/22

Spokane River Forum Cleanup

Get Up, Get Out Public Clean Up

It's simple. Spokane River Forum / Spokane River Keeper provide all the supplies and disposal, you provide the people power. Check out our public event schedule below.

The public kickoff fist event is April 23rd, 2022 at 10:00 AM. Register at the link below.

  • April 23 (Saturday) - People's Park
  • April 23 (Saturday) - Mission Park
  • June 25 (Saturday) - University District/Downtown
  • June 25 (Saturday) - Misson Park
  • September 17 (Saturday) - Spokane River Valley Clean Up

Sign Up Here!

If you can't make the public events and have a group of volunteers, you can request a private or DIY litter cleanup event.

Private Group or DIY Here!

Thanks to our litter program sponsor, Northwest Renewables, for supporting our Get Up, Get Out River Clean Up Event and our litter cleanup program.

North West Renewables

In a cooperative partnership, Spokane Riverkeeper and Spokane River Forum work together to cleanup the Spokane River.

Spokane River Keeper
Spokane River Forum