Spokane River Cleanup

Sean Visintainer - 08/17/22

Spokane River

A good opportunity to get involved!

Sign up today for this year's Spokane River Clean-Up!

Every year, hundreds of people make a huge impact in just a couple of hours during our annual Spokane River Clean-Up. Like last year, we are going to make a big impact for our Spokane River!

You can sign up to clean individually, with your family, or with a group. On Saturday, September 17th 2022, you will go along the Spokane River bank, collect litter, and place it in our designated locations. Like last year, we won’t have a big gathering that morning and we won’t be assigning HUGE groups to clean-up all together. Luckily, the Spokane River is pretty big, so we’ll have plenty of space to work!

Our friends at the Spokane River Forum are holding their annual Valley portion of the Spokane River Clean-Up on September 17th, 2022 - so check them out if you are in the Valley.

Be sure to sign the waiver, and read the helpful handouts on litter safety and what to do if you find a homeless camp (short answer: leave it alone).

The week before the clean-up (September 12th - 15th) stop by The Lands Council offices to pick up your supplies and get more information on where to leave your garbage.

Have any questions? Just send them an email - or give them a call at (509) 838-4912.