Catch and Release Fishing Works

Sean Visintainer - 06/24/14

Spokane River Brown Trout.

The proof is in the pudding... and in this case it's in the spots.

It's hard to say sometimes if certain types of regulations are working or not on our fisheries. I think this time however it's pretty safe to say that the catch and release regulations on the Spokane River are working great.

Take for example Uncle Brown Trout here... caught on the Spokane River yesterday by my good friend and fishing buddy Bob M.

Spokane River Brown Trout.

Now take a look at this photo from a cold February 2 years ago caught by Silver Bow guide Dave Dana. Looks similar huh?!

Silver Bow Guide Dave with a Spokane River Brown Trout. Brown Trout Spots.

This fish was caught roughly in the same area on the Spokane River and when we finally netted it I was convinced right away that it was that same fish caught two seasons prior. Once I had a chance to review the 2 photos it was without a doubt the same fish. Luckily browns have very distinct dark spots on their face and body so it makes it easy to connect the dots!

I think we all know catch and release regulations work, it's just really cool to see the proof in action and this magnificent brown was the perfect example.