Spokane River Baseline Study Conclusion

Sean Visintainer - 01/06/16

Releasing a Wild Spokane River Redband Trout and in the Spokane River.

In early 2014 we started the Spokane River Fundraiser. The idea behind this fundraiser was to help jumpstart, or fund, projects on the Spokane River benefiting such topics like Redband trout restoration, improved fishing access, water quality, or anything related to the overall health of our home fishery. Through partnerships with local conservation organizations, we are using the funds raised to see these projects come to life and improve the Spokane River for future generations of anglers to come.

The first two years of the Spokane River Fundraiser have been in conjunction with Spokane Falls Trout Unlimited. The initial project identified in need of assistance was a proposed idea WDFW had to install large wooded debris in one of the major spawning areas of the upper Spokane River. The project first needed a baseline study to determine if Redbands were actually using this area, or if it would be more inclined to attract non-native species like smallmouth bass that inhabit the upper river. Taylor McCroskey, an EWU Grad Student, headed the project and now after a season of studying the proposed site has finished the survey and written his conclusion.

The second project, in conjunction with the Spokane River Forum and Spokane Falls TU, is the Island's Trailhead Boat Slide. This project will begin construction this winter and we will keep you informed of it's progress as it gets built.

Attached below is Taylor's conclusion to the baseline study he conducted in the Starr Road area of the Spokane River. Thanks Taylor and everyone that was involved in getting this study off the ground and completed. We hope that this is the first of many projects that we can see from inception to completion.

Baseline Study - By Taylor McCroskey

Redband Trout Study Document.

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