Spey Lite Lines by Scientific Anglers

Kelby Braun - 04/10/17

Scientific Anglers Spey Lite - Trout Spey Fly Fishing Line.

First thoughts on the New Scientific Anglers Spey Lite Series.

The world of spey lines is the world of constantly evolving lines. Every year more and more lines enter the market. New manufacturers, short lengths, different tapers, heads, integrated running lines, the list goes on and it will keep your head spinning trying keep up. There certainly has been some winners though in the evolution of spey and we may be looking at one of those potential lines. Scientific Anglers just released their new Spey Lite series, an assortment of scandi and skagit lines targeted for today's light weight trout speys and shorter steelhead spey rods or switch rods. We just recently received some samples of this new wonder line and Kelby was the lucky winner to try it out before anyone else here.

Here is what Kelby has to say about his initial testing of them...

Spey Lite Scandi Line by Scientific Anglers

Having a day off and a new trout spey line to demo from Scientific Anglers called Spey Lite, I knew what my plans were for the day. The first line I cast was a 240 grain Spey Lite Scandi line. My rod of choice for the demo was the Winston BIIITH 4wt Micro Spey. Pondering on what tip I should cast first I grabbed an intermediate 10ft poly leader, after 2 casts I realized this was way too long and I wasn’t getting the line to create tight loops, or even turn over like I wanted. After swapping it out for a 5ft poly intermediate casting was much easier and the loops where much tighter. I was casting a very small cone-head sculpin, even though this line was designed for much smaller and lighter flies it handled it fine. Overall the line was great. Having a shorter head length than traditional scandis and intergraded running line made for easy casting as well as retrieving the line to make a new cast. If you like fishing soft hackles and light flies look no further!!

Spey Lite Skagit Line by Scientific Anglers

Next on the list was the new SA Spey Lite Skagit intergraded line. Like the Spey Lite Scandi, the skagit head is integrated with the running line. Sticking with the same grain weight as the scandi, recommended by the Scientific Anglers rep Garry Sandstrom, I strung up the 240 grain line with a T-7 sink tip. I fell in love instantly. Being able to cast and strip my line back without the loop-to-loop connection really made me feel I was fishing a single hand streamer rod, but I got to enjoy the spey cast as well. I tried heavier and lighter flies and the Skagit head held them all up and casted very easily. So far, I would highly recommend both of these lines!

- Kelby Braun

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