Spey Kan 2016

Sean Visintainer - 09/15/16

Spey Kan

Spey? Yes you Kan!

What is SpeyKan? Spey fishing... on the Spokane (aka the Kan). Actually, in a nutshell, it's an event about spey fishing and it will be held on the Spokane. Bo and I have been getting a lot of request for a spey clinic so we figured it's about time to start a simple event open to anyone wanting to learn, or needing some help with their spey game. Whether a beginner, or have some experience, you should walk away with some new knowledge of spey to help you.

Here's the run down on what we will be doing....

  • 9:00 am - Anatomy / Advantages of Spey Rods
    • Learn what spey rods are all about for steelhead or trout and how it can add to your bag of tricks.
  • 9:30 am - Spey Lines / Sink Tips / Poly Leader Usage
    • What to use and when. We will be discussing our favorite lines and why we fish them.
  • 10:00 am - Anchor / D-Loop / Delivery
    • The 3 main principles of your basic spey cast and the details that make or break the cast.
  • 11:00 am - Presentation and Techniques
    • What does a good swing look like, or how to get a long, drag free indicator drift.
  • 12:00 pm - Hands on Help / Demo Rods
    • Need a few minutes of personal instruction? Bo and I are offering a few mins to each person that attends to get some pointers on whatever they need (bear in mind others will need help too). We will also bring down the entire inventory of rods we carry at the shop so you can test drive a rod that you have been thinking about.


  • When - Saturday, October 1st, 2016
  • Time - 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Cost - Free
  • Location - Island's Trailhead on the Spokane River
  • Please call 509-924-99998 or email the shop to sign up (Free) so we have an idea of how many to expect.

This event will be pretty casual. If you want to bring your waders / rod please do so. If you are just interested in observing and listening that is great too. We just want to help you understand and answer questions so the mornings agenda is somewhat flexible. We hope to see you there!

  • Sage Trout Spey Rods and Hatch Outdoors Fly Reels.
  • Trout Spey
  • Felix Fall Swing on the Spokane River.
  • Jen Spey Fishing on the Spokane