Something Different

Sean Visintainer - 07/19/21

Silver Bow team member Luke Cronin with a great carp caught while fly fishing Washington State.

Freshwater flats

Want to try something different during this hot, dry summer? Try carp fishing.

Carp thrive in environments not suitable for trout and offer anglers a whole other level of angling challenge.

If you have ever dreamed of saltwater flats fishing but can't find the time (or money!) to do so, carp are often found on "flats" whether a lake, reservoir, or large river. Fly anglers affectionately refer to these shallow water critters as "golden bones" or "prairie permit.

Sight fishing for carp can be a similar excitement to watching surface feeding trout or tailing bonefish. I'm sure if you are anything like myself or the crew at the shop that watching ANY fish feeding can elicit feelings of excitement and anticipation!

If you are looking to give the trout a break during this heatwave try your luck at some freshwater flats style fishing, the golden bones are waiting!

Flies for carp fishing available at Silver Bow Fly Shop in Spokane.

Carp are designed perfectly for inhaling flies with very little indication to the angler.

St. Joe River fly fishing guide Michael Laughlin taking a day off from guiding cutthroat to chase carp.