Simple Euro Leader Connection

Sean Visintainer - 09/17/19

Euro nymphing the North Fork of the Clearwater in Idaho.

Simple, clean, and smooth

For the past year I've been playing around with Euro nymphing for the simple fact that it just flat out crushes fish. This highly effective technique is a lot of fun and a great tool for your arsenal on those days when all else fails or you just want to get after it.

Because you use leaders that are substantially longer that normal 9-12' leaders, the leader-to-line connection is constantly in and out of the rod tip. Bulky connections such as loop-to-loop are clunky and do not smoothly flow out of the guides when trying to achieve some level of distance casting. A simple alternative to the loop-to-loop is a down and dirty attachment that I have done for about a full year now. The same method I do for connecting mono shooting line to my spey heads.

I simply clinch knot the leader to the existing euro line loop. Now, this is assuming you are using a line like the Rio FIPS or Airflo Euro line that comes with a factory welded loop.

For the past season I have put this basic connection through its paces on the Spokane, Madison, all over Yellowstone, the Beaverhead, Clark Fork, NF Coeur d'Alene, St. Joe, Big Hole NF Clearwater, Kootenai, and beyond. Big fish, small fish, powerful fish, different species of trout. Zero issues.

If you are interested in making the connection even smoother you can add a little Loon UV Knot Sense to the leader clinch knot, but anymore I just omit it. Trim your tag end close and you are good to go.

Some folks go as far as to splice the leader butt into the fly line. A great, incredibly smooth connection. I on the other hand have other things to do with my time than splice line. To each their own. This connection has worked well and flows through the guides pretty well.

Remember, keep it simple! Simple works.

Items Used

1 )
Cut the factory tied loop off a pre-tied euro leader.

2 )
Tie a basic 4-5 turn clinch knot with the butt section of the euro leader to the loop of the euro line.

3 )
Tighten the clinch knot down smooth and snug.

4 )
Trim the excess tag of the clinch so the knot travels smoothly through the guides.