Signs of Life

Sean Visintainer - 02/27/19

BWO Blue Wing Olive

Spring soon?

This past weekend we were out on the Spokane River and couldn't help but notice the abundance of blue wing olive mayflies and midges that were hatching. Probably due to the fact we had a short window of warm weather. Reports from friends said the bwo's had been out for about a week now. The trout were not keyed in on them on surface yet, but the ducks and robins sure were!

No need to hit the gym this time of the year... just go fishing! With all the snow along the river banks fishing lately includes ample amounts of cardio and calorie burning.

With any luck we might have a little dry fly fishing before the season is over March 15th on the Spokane. Fingers crossed!

Ducks on the Spokane River

Blue Wing Olive