Scott Centric Fly Rod In-Stock

Sean Visintainer - 09/30/20

Scott Centric Fly Rods available at the Silver Bow Fly Shop in Spokane, Washington

Fast with feel and FUN!

We are pleased to announce that a few from our first batch of Scott Centric Fly Rods have landed at the Silver Bow this week. The 905/4 and 906/4 Centric Fly Rods were the first to arrive.

While we are looking forward to getting the 904/4 and 906/4 Fighting Butt in a couple more weeks we are stoked to get these two prime sized trout sticks in-time for fall fly fishing.

The Scott Centric Fly Rod will undoubtedly become one of the most iconic Scott Fly Rods with it's Radian style casting abilities and sexy sleek look. Centric takes the best "fast with feel" characteristics of the popular, now discontinued, Scott Radian Fly Rod and tweaks them a bit to provide more stable loops and easy loading power at longer distances.

Jen and I fished the 905/4 Centric for a week in Yellowstone country and loved how the rod performed in western style trout tactics. Plenty of power for chubby/dropper tactics and enough finesse for small dry fly application when needed. Wind? No problem, the improved backbone of the Centric gave you a bit more boost over the Radian series.

The improved power and faster recovery of the Scott Centric also lends to better indicator and streamer techniques providing more power to turnover split shot, weighted flies, and sink-tips.

Come down to the fly shop and give a Scott Centric Fly Rod a test drive yourself or give us a call and we can ship you one.

The 9' 5wt and 9' 6wt Scott Centric Fly Rods in-stock at the Silver Bow Fly Shop