Saltwater Tying Tip - Simple Yarn Crab Bodies

Sean Visintainer - 03/03/14

Yarn Crab Body Fly Pattern.

If you are going on any saltwater bonefish or permit trips this season, and you tie your own flies, then you might want to check out my latest fly tying video about making a simple yarn crab body. Most folks are intimidated by tying their own crab patterns for saltwater because of the complexity of the designs. This technique I show you should really help demystify tying yarn crab bodies and make it a lot more enjoyable.

This particular pattern I show in the video is called Cathy's Fleeing Crab and is an excellent pattern for bonefish, permit, and even baby tarpon. I would suspect this would be a good redfish pattern too, although I have not tried it for them yet. Tarpon toad style flies can can also be tied with this style of yarn.

Saltwater Bonefish Crab Flies.

This technique can be used for a variety of different yarn crabs, and be sure to play around with different colors of yarn fibers for the areas that you are going!

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