Salmonfly Season

Sean Visintainer - 05/07/19

A large salmonfly from the Coeur d'Alene River in Idaho.

Big Bugs, Big Fun

It's official. Salmonfly season is upon us. Last week reports of salmonfly stones starting trickling into the shop from the nearby North Fork Coeur d'Alene and St. Joe Rivers. While we don't get the mega hatches that some more famous rivers get like the Madison or Big Hole, we get enough to get the fish looking up.

Many folks are surprised how early we get salmonfly hatches as well. This year's hatches are actually running a little later than what they have been the past few seasons. Probably due to the colder weather / water. Nonetheless thought they have begun hatching and with some warmer weather this week they should continue on.

If you love slamming big foam bugs on the surface to hungry trout, this is a hatch you should try and hit!