Sage Igniter Review and Thoughts

Sean Visintainer - 01/29/19

Sage Igniter Fly Rod

Fast action with a touch of class

Fast cars, fast money, fast fly rods. Humans like things that go fast. Well a lot do. In the world of fly rods, fast or what I would call "fast-ish" has dominated the scene for the better part of the last twenty years.

In my 17 years at the Silver Bow the rods that get the most attention tend to be on the side of medium-fast to ultra fast. And overall for good reason. Fast action rods are the high performance sports cars of the modern fly rod world. One main reason is they deliver fast line speed (when cast correctly) which helps tighten loops driving flies through wind, turnover wind resistant patterns, improved distance and increased accuracy. Not to mention increased backbone for quickly fighting powerful fish. Ever find yourself needing an extra 5 or 10 feet in you cast? Love to throw chubby chernobyls? Want to improve your line management capabilities on the water? Fast action rods can get those jobs done more often than not, with higher results.

Enter the Sage Igniter fly rod series. Sage has always been on the cutting edge of premium fast-action graphite fly rods, so building a high performance tool is no stranger to them. In my career here at the shop, and even slightly before, I have seen rods like the SP+, RPL+, XP, Z-Axis, TCX, TCR, Method and others that are more saltwater driven or price point series. All of these great rods nonetheless, but not quite like the new Igniter Fly Rods.

The Sage Igniter is of course the culmination of many of these rods series. Featuring an action capable of blistering fast line speeds, but still somehow manages to retain the finesse of more progressive action fly rods. Many people turn up there nose in areas around the world still at fast action rods saying things like "oh they are too stiff" or "fast action rods break off more fish because they have no give". Perhaps some fast actions rods out there do resemble those thoughts. So far from what we can tell with the Sage Igniter is that is not true.

Many fast action rods also tend to have a very heavy swing weight through the upper half of the rod. The Sage Igniter is smooth and light from tip to butt. No clunky or club like feeling here. Like it's other sibling, the Sage X series fly rod, the Sage Igniter now features KonneticHD Technology® which helps improve accuracy, amplified strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight ratios as needed within the rod blank.

Fitted with the finest cork, reel seats, and guides the Sage Igniter will be at home in any fresh or saltwater anglers quiver. I know we have thoroughly enjoyed throwing these rods and plan on adding more to our personal quivers. If you demand your rod to achieve results, take a series look at the Sage Igniter.

If you see a size of Sage Igniter Rod that you would like please let us know and we will order one in for you to try! Currently we have selected what we feel were to be the most sought after models.

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