Road Trippin'

Sean Visintainer - 10/11/16

Trout spey casting on Wyoming's Green River for brown trout.

Sometimes it's nice to get outta dodge...

I haven't done a fly fishing road trip in a quite a few years. Yes, of course short 2-3 day trips throughout the seasons, but not one big week long bender. Fly fishing around the west in the Fall means solitude, bug hatches, streamer fishing, brown trout, sunny skies, and snow days! A little of everything really. When taking off for an adventure this time of the year you pack more than you need, because you just never know what you may need. It's also hard to leave out gear and travel light when you are in the business of selling gear :)

Road trips I have found in the past often work out best when there is no strict plan. Being able to go-with-the-flow makes it easier to adapt to any situation mother nature, or the fish, throw at you. Originally Jen and I though camping in Yellowstone National Park was a great idea for the week. Poking around seeing the animals, the sites, and fishing new water each day. As the trip grew nearer though, weather forecast were looking more and more ominous. Camping in Yellowstone quickly turned into hoteling near Yellowstone. lol. Again, go with the flow.

  • Swinging soft hackles on the Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park.
  • Hooked up on Soda Butte Creek in Yellowstone.
  • Sunny skies on the Firehole River.
  • Buffalo in the Lamar River Valley.
  • Snowy roads near the Norris Junction in Yellowstone Park.
  • Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River.
  • A nice Yellowstone cutthroat trout out of Soda Butte Creek.
  • Fly fishing on Soda Butte Creek in Yellowstone Park.

After a few days of 30-40 degree mixed weather in Yellowstone we wandered down to Jackson, Wyoming. Home to the world famous Snake River in the Tetons and numerous other top-notch fisheries. The original idea was to fish the Snake River through the scenic Grand Teton National Park, but foul weather and the idea of large brown trout eating streamers quickly had us heading south the upper Green River for foot fishing. Blustery weather on the Green River proved to be challenging, but when we did land fish they were fat brown trout looking for a big meal. Again, go with the flow.

  • Casting on the Green River in Wyoming.
  • Brown trout in Wyoming's Green River.
  • Streamer eater brown trout on the the Green River in Wyoming.
  • Jennifer Nepean and a nice Wyoming Green River brown trout.
  • Evening trout spey on the Wyoming Green River.

Nearing the end of the week we thought it would be great to actually get out for a float / camp trip seeing that we hauled all the damn gear with us. A friend of ours from the Korkers footwear company gave us information about the Jackson area and mentioned that the canyon stretch of the South Fork Snake would be super fun. It certainly was. Scenery and fish quality were both outstanding. While it wasn't smoking hot fishing, the river kept us on our toes with a big fish potentially lurking around each bend. Cutts, bows, and browns on everything from dries to streamers. What a neat place. The camping though was cold as shit that night... mental note don't forget the propane heater! The next day... bright sun and suncreen. Again, go with the flow.

  • A nice Snake River cuttthroat being released on the South Fork Snake.
  • The frozen Jigged Sparkle Minnow from Montana Fly Company.
  • Campfire along the South Fork of the Snake.
  • A beautiful brown trout caught by Jennifer Nepean on the South Fork Snake River in Idaho.
  • A Snake River cutthroat in Idaho on the South Fork.
  • Table Top Rock on the canyon of the South Fork Snake River.
  • Floating the South Fork Snake River in the Fall.