Restoration of Hangman Creek

Sean Visintainer - 12/19/16

Handman Creek Runoff.

Restoration of Hangman Creek

For sixty plus miles Hangman Creek flows quietly through through farmland and fields before entering the Spokane River just below downtown Spokane. Hangman Creek, also known as Latah Creek, once used to be vital spawning ground for thousands of salmon, steelhead, and redband trout. This historically rich stream now suffers from decades of erosion and degradation.

Our friends at the Spokane River Forum along with others like the Spokane Riverkeeper put together this video journey down Hangman Creek showcasing the natural beauty of the stream while discussing the issues the river faces. If you don't know much about Hangman you should take a 10 minute break and watch this well done video about a stream with a lot of potential to return to it's natural state.

December 14th - Trails Coalition receives Hangman/Latah Creek planning grants

Spokane River Forum
Spokane River Keeper