Reading Fall Trout Water

Sean Visintainer - 10/31/14

Sean Visintainer Reading Fall Trout Water on the Spokane River.

Learn how to identify Fall trout water and catch more fish.

During the Fall as temperatures begin to change, so should the water that you are fishing. Most trout move out of their summer time holding lies into the main pools in preparation for the cold winter months. You can sometimes find a couple trout in the smaller, moderately fast pockets, but most will move into the slower deeper sections.

If I had to sum up what kind of water would be the "ideal" it would go like this...

Ideal Fall water would be...

  • ... currents that are "walking speed pace" or slower.
  • ... main pools and runs.
  • ... the softer current seams as the riffles dump into the pools.
  • ... not near your cozy couch and TV. Get outside.
  • ... deeper water.

Check out this short video I made discussing ideal Fall trout water.