Reach Cast - Drift Boat Fishing Tip

Sean Visintainer - 07/21/15

Fly Fishing Reach Cast.

Get Longer Drifts with the Reach Cast

The simplest adjustments to your presentation can often times lead to the biggest improvements in your drift. When fly fishing from a drift boat or raft on rivers, you will find yourself leading the boat at an angle with your flies for the best, longest, drag-free drifts. The Reach Cast can be used to set the drift up even more effectively for the ultimate presentation in a lot of situations. Now there are many scenarios that leading the boat may not be the best tactic, but overall the down-and-across method will be used frequently.

The Reach Cast helps your presentation in multiple ways,
let's review a few highlights

  • The Reach Cast - eliminates the need to mend as often. The Reach Cast is an "aerial mend", when the line is presented on the water it is already correctly positioned so the fly can drift naturally without tension.
  • The Reach Cast - creates natural slack behind the fly.
  • The Reach Cast - sets the line behind the fly. The fly now leads the drift. Fish see the fly first, improving your odds of not spooking fish.
  • The Reach Cast - is also great for many walk-and-wade situations. While our discussion is mainly aimed at boat presentation, learning how to execute the Reach Cast will improve your foot game too.

Check out our video on how to perform the Reach Cast and what it can do for your drift.