Pleasantly Humbled

Bo Brand - 03/29/17


Bo now knows, Bo will still go.

There were a few things I learned on my first saltwater trip, a lesson in humility and what saltwater angling is really about.

I know I talked some crap to fellow guide Travis about catching a slam (Permit, Tarpon, Bonefish) the first day. But that was just me trying to keep up with his light hearted cockiness (Read about our guide Travis' saltwater adventure here for the full scoop). No, I did not get a grand slam, I did not even hook a permit. However, I did catch numerous Bonefish, Triggerfish, and a small Barracuda. Permit though, were the ultimate goal and our targeted species for the week. Every day we had multiple shots at the black tailed devils, but I couldn't seal the deal. David my fishing partner for the week, managed to hook and land a Permit on I believe his second cast of the first day. Lucky, or good, you be the judge. Shortly after that initial encounter was my turn. Something happened to me on that first opportunity, and I have to apologize to our guide Danielle because I forgot everything I know about casting. I looked like I had just picked up the rod that very morning. The worst part was the next shot wasn't much better. Perhaps it's like buck fever like when hunting? Soon I pulled my head out of my ass and had some great chances, but Permit do what Permit do. We saw Permit every day so we continued to fish to them. When the tide wasn't good we fished for Bonefish. I thought going in I would get five or so good permit shots for the week. I got five plus a day, all turned down by some highly sophisticated fish. I learned a lot during that week and had the time of my life getting rejected over and over again by permit and bonefish alike. It was a lesson in humility and chance to fish an incredible location with a great group of folks.

Turneffe Flats Lodge was a first class operation with knowledgeable, patience, and friendly guides. The accommodations were amazing, clean, and comfortable, with excellent food, drinks, and service. All of things a do-it-yourself steelheader is not use to. Thanks to everyone at Turneffe Flats, I will be back hopefully soon. Thanks to all who helped plan this adventure, everything worked very smoothly. And last of all, thanks to everyone who joined me on this trip, you all made this a great experience for me, and I hope we can do this again.

- Bo Brand
Guide Manager / Lead Sales

  • Bo Brand - Guide Manager / Lead Sales