Outside of Yellowstone

Sean Visintainer - 08/03/18

Rainbow Trout

Road trippin' with no plan

Famous fly fishing destinations are great, but most often I find that some of my favorite trips often take place in lesser known locales. On Mike and I's recent adventure through Yellowstone National Park we decided to take some detours when we were there, and on the drive home.

While there is certainly a level of appeal and allure to fish the famous waters, I typically have never had stellar fishing on many of those rivers. Perhaps it's because they receive so much pressure, or perhaps I don't fish them enough to know the small nuances to unlock their secrets. It's probably the later.

At any rate, when traveling to famous waters it's always worth a little exploring around the area. Grab a map (yes an old school, paper map) look for blue lines, and just see what they have to offer. You just never know what you may find, and therein lies the fun in road trippin' with no real plan.