NW Magazine - St. Joe River Article

Sean Visintainer - 09/25/19

Sean Visintainer and Jennifer Nepean drifting the St. Joe River near Avery, Idaho.

Casting in the Shadows

If you haven't picked up a copy of the latest Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine swing by the shop and grab one. Last year our friend Chip O'Brien, a regular NW Fly Mag contributor, reached out to us for assistance on a St. Joe River article. Of course we obliged, nothing like a good excuse to go fish!

Jennifer and I floated the "Joe" with Chip on a beautiful June day below the town of Avery. Dry fly fishing was decent-to-good, and the streamer bite was game on. From what I recall about the day, the orange gypsy king was the dry fly of choice, and sculpin olive sparkle minnow when tossing streamers to the banks. Quality fish, good numbers, and great scenery, all things the St. Joe is famous for.

Later on in the season Chip and I had touched base for more details about the St. Joe. Hatches, seasonal changes, locations, etc all pertinent information that anglers seek when venturing into cutthroat country. He eloquently drafted a St. Joe River article that not only offers some tidbits of information, but history and stories of the 1910 fire that ravaged the region and people. A well written St. Joe River article with a twist of info.

Available now at the Silver Bow or anywhere Northwest Fly Fishing Magazines are sold.

Jennifer Nepean hooked up on a St. Joe River cutthroat trout while dry fly fishing.

A typical cutthroat from the St. Joe River. Photo Credit - Chip O'Brien

Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine St. Joe River article with hatch and fly pattern info.

Jennifer Nepean drifting a dry fly along the banks of the St. Joe River, Idaho.