NW Fly Fishing Comes to Spokane

Sean Visintainer - 08/16/12

Jon Luke taking underwater photos of Steve's Spokane River Redband Trout.

Jon Luke, Steve Maeder and I decided it was time to let the cat out of the bag and let the angling community know that the Spokane River is resource worth talking about. The guys came over for a couple days of fly fishing on the Spokane with me this August... and they weren't disappointed!

Fishing was pretty solid with double nymph rigs being the usual meal ticket. Jon and Steve were very impressed with not only the scenery of the Spokane River, but the size and strength of the fish. While this not a particular buggy, nutrient rich stream the fish that swim here are rock hard fighters like their ancestors, the steelhead, that they came from.

Steve writes articles for the Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine and will be doing most of the write up from the trip. I will be adding some bits and pieces to help him out in his research. Jon is one of the owners for the magazine and contributes most of the photos for the articles. He sent us this sweet underwater picture of a wild Redband Trout from the river.

Underwater Spokane River Redband Trout photo by Jon Lent.Photo by Jon Luke

Can't wait to see the final product!