New Scott Centric Fly Rod

Sean Visintainer - 09/01/20

Scott Centric Fly Rods - Redefines fast action with feel.

Putting the feel in fast

We are super pleased to announce that Scott Fly Rods has a new fly rod dubbed Centric that will be released sometime mid to late September.

The long reigning champion, the Radian, has finally come to an end and will be replaced by the Centric with the latest in state-of-the-art fly rod technology. The Radian is, and was, one of our top selling fly rod series of all time. Smooth, fast action that required minimal effort and performed in a variety of conditions. There was a reason it was so popular.

To improve upon the Radian was no easy feat. With numerous prototypes and revisions, the Centric fly rod series from Scott is destined to become as popular as the Radian if not more.

While it's hard to say anything bad about the Radian, where the Centric is going to outperform the Radian is in the faster recovery of the tip section. This improvement helps create more stable loops and drives faster line speed which helps develop better accuracy at distance. It doesn't take much effort to hold a lot of line in the air with the Centric. Don't let that fool you though, the Centric still loads up super easy for close range "trout distance" fishing, i.e. 40' or less.

The shop was lucky enough to receive a couple prototypes back in the beginning of the "pandemic" for us to test and give feedback. The 905/4 Centric we had received was a version 1 proto so there were only slight improvements over the 905/4 Radian. The 906/4 Centric was a V2 and we were all blown away with the difference between that and the 906/4 Radian. Notably on the 906/4 Centric was improved recovery.

I just received a final "finished" version of the Centric 905/5 fly rod and by the time you read this I will be out testing it in Yellowstone country. During the parking lot assessment, I was very pleased with the final version.

Stay tuned for more feedback after a week of fishing the new Centric Fly Rod from Scott.

The Silver Bow Fly Shop will be receiving a large batch of Scott Centric's sometime mid-late September, can't wait!

The Scott Centric Fly Rod featuring all new Carbon Link technology.

Scott Centric Fly Rod featuring new hardware to keep the reel locked into place.