New Sage Rods In-Stock

Sean Visintainer - 07/12/19

A tanker Redband Rainbow trout caught on the Spokane River while on a guided fishing trip.

New toys in from Sage!

Fresh to hit the shop recently are the New Sage Fly Rods, the Trout LL, Spey Trout HD, and Payload. We were able to get a small assortment of these new Sage rods and will pick up more as they come available. There is always some buzz as to what the mega fly rod manufacturer will come out withe next and these three new additions seem to have have hit the nail on the head.

Initial Impressions on the new Sage Fly Rods...

Sage Trout LL - Trout dry fly enthusiast will be pleased with this one. The Trout LL is a modern version of the iconic LL series from days past. This lightweight, smooth casting rod series feature a medium action with a soft tip for delicate dry fly presentation. From our parking lot casting experience what we noticed is how well the rod loads in close, but also how well it handles at distance. Thanks to Konnetic HD blank material the Sage LL has very good loop control and accuracy with reduced vibrations so when needed the Trout LL can huck some line or handle some wind. With the medium action though this rod is easy to feel the load and handles very, very well in close quarters where most trout are caught.

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Sage Trout Spey HD - This new exquisite looking Trout Spey from Sage features the latest Konnetic HD technology as well. This fast action trout spey is designed to handle the newer short shooting heads and spey casting techniques. From what I can tell between this rod and the Sage ONE trout spey series that I had a couple sticks in, is that the new Trout Spey HD is a little lighter in the tip which will play nicely in the soft hackle department. The butt and mid section though seems to have plenty of backbone to huck out your average trout spey streamer and Sage claims this rod to cast well with the heavier heads that are so popular nowadays.

One other thing I really like about this rod series (besides the crazy good aesthetics) is the overall lengths are shorter which means they will cast well with the short trout scandi or trout skagit heads plus will be easier to manage and retrieve flies right up the rod. Nothing more annoying than a rod that is way to long to impart some action or movement with your fly. Should be some fun swinging sticks!

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Sage Payload - Now this rod is a powerhouse! The Sage Payload replaces all of the bass, pike / musky sticks Sage has had for a number of years and brings it under one roof. However though, I think where the Sage Payload is going to really shine especially in the 6 and 7wt's is the trout streamer game. With a slightly shorter overall length these rods seem to be super accurate and will be a lot easier to manipulate and fish the fly in close. So often is the case when stripping streamers to trout and toothy critters that want to chase the fly to the bitter end. While these rods are designed to chuck big, wind resistant flies and sink-tips they don't seem to get that "clubby" telephone pole feel that rods often do when these are designed to chuck some meat. They were very easy loading. I'm thinking about adding the 689 Payload to my personal arsenal as a big chubby chernobyl stick for rivers like the Spokane. Way fun to cast.... sniper would be the term I'd use! Price is nice too.

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These rods are available now at the Silver Bow Fly Shop, come by and check them out! They are also available on our online store. If you don't see a size you want just ask, we do special orders all the time and no charge for shipping!