New Offerings From Ross Reels

Sean Visintainer - 12/03/19

Ross Reels San Miguel Fly Reel

Sweet new fly reels from Ross Reels!

A couple new offerings from Ross Reels this fall. First and foremost Ross brings back the legendary San Miguel fly reel into their line-up! This iconic reel has a cult following for those that seek the ultimate in smoothness and elegant looks.

Ross Reels - San Miguel

We just received our first shipment of these classy and sleek machines, they are no doubt very impressive reels. Designed to maintain the old school looks of the solid back and large ported drive side, the San Miguel sees a few improvements with modern machining capabilities with updated lines and styling.

Two of the most noticeable updates on the exterior include the large arbor design which isn't easily spotted at first glance, but when looking at the side you will see the sizeable arbor to help reduce line coiling and improve line pickup and smoother drag pressure. The handle has also been tweaked to the latest micarta material used in other models for extra grip especially when wet.

The updated drag system comprised of carbon and stainless is no doubt one of the smoothest on the market. The retrieve is so silky and it's free-spooling capabilities remind me of high-end center pin reels that are full of bearings.

A must see reel if you are looking for something classy!

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Ross Reels San Miguel Fly Reel

Ross Reels - Evolution LTX Limited Matte Gunmetal Finish

The Ross Reels Evolution LTX is offered in a limited color option for a short period of time. The limited gunmetal LTX features color accents to compliment many of the current rod offerings out there. The LTX 5/6 is a dedicated freshwater reel and looks pretty sharp on a Winston Air or Sage X! The 7/8 Evolution LTX is perfect for a light bonefishing set-up or steelhead. The blue really compliments the new Scott Sector and Even pairs well with the Winston Air Salt!

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Ross Reels - Evolution LTX Limited Matte Gunmetal Finish