Monday's With Mike - River Cleaunup

Michael Visintainer - 09/25/17

Jule Spokane Riverkeeper - Spokane River Cleanup

14th Annual Spokane River Cleanup

A little over a week ago was the 14th annual Spokane River Cleanup hosted this year by the Lands Council. Wayne and Sean from the shop and hundreds of volunteers from the community participated in cleaning up a few sections of the Spokane River. I tagged along with Jerry White and Jule Schultz and floated the river with Gonzaga Outdoors, Eastern Washington Sustainability, St. George's School, Flow Adventures to collect the harder to reach trash.

Together reportedly 5,000 lbs of trash was removed from the river. Thanks to the individuals and groups that came out to keep our river clean.

We saw a few fly anglers out there, but hopefully next year we can see the fly fishing community represent better!