Monday's With Mike - Salmonfly Edition

Sean Visintainer - 06/05/17

Salmon Fly

Dead or alive?

Mike is away this week in Bolivia chasing golden dorado with clients so I thought I would fill-in and select a photo for him in his honor for Monday's with Mike. And for the record I feel zero sympathy for him that when he gets back he will have a shit load of work to do to get caught up lol.

So one thing Mike does very well when taking photographs is finding unusual angles or subjects and turning them into a thing of beauty and art. Mike has some pretty incredible images already of salmonflies and goldenstones, however this one has a different look to it. Often photos of salmonflies are on vegetation, rocks, or perhaps a neatly staged photo on a rod or reel.

This particular photo stood out because sometimes what people find ugly, unsightly, or perhaps devastating like fire can actually be quite raw and inspiring. I'm not going to get all poetic about that now cuz that is neither me, nor my style of writing so I will leave it at that. This image was actually shot while enjoying a float on the upper North Fork Coeur d'Alene River last week in an area that was heavily burned two years ago. Mike just happened to be wandering the bank while we ate lunch and stumbled across this big salmonfly hanging out on a burned down tree. Enjoy the image and when Mike is back from Bolivia we will have more of his excellent images from the jungle.

- Sean Visintainer