Monday's with Mike - North Fork Clearwater

Michael Visintainer - 06/24/19

Open for Business

Woke up Sunday and I felt like checking out the North Fork or the Clearwater. If there was snow on Hoodoo it is long gone! The overnight temps must be still cold because it was 45 degrees coming down Hoodoo at noon. I drove the road all the way past the Black Canyon and the road is in great condition and no slides like the past year. The water is lower than it was this time last year, but is great wading depth. I did wear waders this year, because last year it was a little cold without them. I was able to get in a quick four hours of fishing spot to spot with my dog Graham. Mid afternoon was a great PMD hatch with rising cutties. I was able to get fish out of the fast water at the heads of the runs and all the way though the tailouts. Below are a few photos for you to enjoy from my short trip.