Monday's with Mike

Sean Visintainer - 02/10/20

Bo Brand from the Silver Bow with a baby tarpon caught while fly fishing Jardines de la Reina, Cuba.

From flu bugs to bonefish bugs and a little of everything in between

While I am writing this on behalf of Mike, this blog is all about Mike and his recent trip back to Cuba. Mike and I were fortunate enough to visit Cuba with a group of friends in 2015 and just this past week both Mike and Bo were back there again for another hosted trip to the same region.

Mike will be giving a full report of the excursion with Bo in a few days. The quick report is that they had a good time, fish were caught, weather was okay (better than here), and many good times were had along with some not so fun moments with a few folks including Mike being sick for part of the trip.

They persevered though and overall accomplished another great Silver Bow hosted trip by the sounds of it.

More to come from Mike and Bo this week.