Monday Motivation

Sean Visintainer - 03/04/19

Spokane River Redband Trout

A couple hours of freedom

Some Monday motivation for you. Mike, Kenyon, and good friend Jesse have been hitting the river on these sunny, but chilly days. And yes they have been catching some fish! Catch rates have been pretty good lately. The sloooow water with an indicator is the best tactic. Even though fish are sitting in the slowest water Mike noted that they have been fighting pretty hard.

I know, it's not very motivating when the high is only in the mid 20's. Cool thing for most folks that live in this area is you don't have to travel far. String up your rod at your house, wader up inside, hit the river for a couple hours during the warmest part of the day and head back home when you start to get too cold. An easy fix for the winter blues. Trudging through snow banks on the sunny days will probably have you working up quite a sweat and a heavy coat will soon be taken off and packed away.

So if you are desperate for some winter time fishing, give it a shot! A couple hours is all it takes to shake the winter blues!