Monday Motivation Spokane River

Sean Visintainer - 03/11/19

Spokane Redband

Shaking off the winter blues

Took the boats out this past weekend on the Spokane for the first float of the season... finally. Cold temps have not been motivating to float the river, aside from the fact most rivers are frozen! With the looming deadline for end of the season coming up this Friday we took advantage of the sunny weather and floated.

Fishing was not red hot, but we caught fish both days. All nymphing. Both euro set-ups and and indicator rigs worked, although the euro rigs were most productive. Stones and jig patterns both produced. Streamer fishing did not produce, which is the complete opposite of last year this time when streamer fishing was very good. The river levels are also low for this week since we haven't had any significant snow melt yet. I would imagine the river bumps soon when temps start to rise and melt low elevation snow.

Despite being March it looked more like January out there with snow covering the banks. No complaints with the sun out and no wind. If there was wind, it was very piercing cold. Don't forget the Friday is the last day to fish the Spokane River on the Washington side (all sections) as it closes the 15th to protect spawning redbands. All sections will reopen Saturday before Memorial Day which is about a week earlier than in the past.

River Fish Species Rules
Spokane River - Spokane Co. from Nine Mile Dam upstream to the Idaho/Washington state line ALL SPECIES
TROUT - Sat. before Memorial Day-Mar. 15

OTHER GAME FISH - Sat. before Memorial Day-Mar. 15
Selective gear gules.
No min siz. Daily limit 2. Release all TROUT other than hatchery RAINBOW TROUT


Washington Fish & Game Fishing Regulations

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Spokane Redband