Monday Motivation

Sean Visintainer - 01/27/20

A nice Spokane River Redband caught while nymphing during the winter. Photo Credit - Kenyon Pitts

Watch football or catch footballs?

Some Monday motivation brought to you by Silver Bow guide Kenyon Pitts. Rain, shine, or snow Kenyon is out there fishing. Mostly the Spokane River right now due to its close proximity and fairly consistent winter action, not to mention it's never frozen and has nice fish!

Kenyon is one of those anglers that lives and breathes angling. If he's not guiding, he's fishing. If he isn't fishing, he's tying flies. If isn't tying flies, he is at the shop talking fishing and selling fishing gear. If he's not at guiding, not fishing, not tying flies, or at the shop... well I'm sure he is thinking about fishing!

If you need some inspiration take note of what Kenyon is catching in these photos while you were busy sitting around watching football on the weekends...

A beautiful Spokane River Redband. Photo Credit - Kenyon Pitts

Kenyon Pitts snapping a quick pic of a quality Spokane Redband trout before releasing. Photo Credit - Kenyon Pitts