Mid River

Sean Visintainer - 07/21/17

Fly Fishing Kelly Creek

The money slot

In the spring we preach "fish the banks, fish the banks, look at the banks, the holding water is on the banks". Fish the banks. Springtime flows are up, high water forces fish to the banks. Now it's summer so where are the most likely holding lies? Mid river.

Troughs, buckets, slots, trenches. Whatever verbiage you want to use, mid river structure should be a number one priority when reading summertime water. Rich with oxygen, structure, and aquatic life makes 4-5' deep mid river hangouts ideal for hot, sunny day cutthroat fishing.

Driving up an down the St. Joe, NF Clearwater, or Kelly Creek it can be very easy to spot the deep, dark, turquoise pools. Add the fact that most have a turnout right next to them makes for pretty easy pickings. Want to catch more fish? Want to fish for trout that aren't getting molested as much? Want to have your own little slice of heaven? Avoid the easy road side pools, do a little rock hopping and find a mid river trough. Trust me.

- Sean Visintainer