Memorial Day Weekend Forecast

Sean Visintainer - 05/23/18

Graham Golden Retriever

Memorial Forecast

The big holiday weekend is upon us and for many it's the start of the fishing season. Weird I know. I guess the last few months there was no fishing, but whatever, more for you and me. So let's cut to the chase... the million dollar question. Where should you go this Memorial Day weekend??

Well, in terms of streams you are pretty limited. The NF Coeur d'Alene River is the best shot. I will say it is a good shot and has really come around this past week. Water levels are pretty manageable and hatches are happening. You will possibly see a few salmonflies, the fish will certainly still eat them regardless, and you will definitely see some goldens, brown drakes, yellow sallies, caddis, and pmds. Will there be other anglers? Yes. Will there be campers, atv vehicles, and whatnot? Yes. Will there be some water to fish? Yes.

Is the St. Joe River fishable? I believe you can find some water if you hunt really hard for it. Like really hard. The lower river will have the better water since the flows spread out more due to the river width. The higher up you go the harder it will be to find spots. How high can you go?? I have no idea. Haven't been up here in a few weeks and I don't typically drive way up high when it's at it's current level. IF you can find some water throw some salmonflies and goldens. Pack some drakes with you as well. Streamers too. Flashier the better.

Other rivers?? Well unless they invent more rivers around our region that is what you got to work with. The Spokane River is closed until June and is pretty high anyways. The Clark Fork is mega right now. Montana tributary streams opened up last Saturday. Most will be pretty swift still, plus we don't give out the secret squirrel little streams... sorry! :)

Lake fishing has been mixed reviews this week, but damsel and dragon activity is doing decent on most. Some callibeatis activity still and some chironomid activity. I would start thinking about those fast sinking lines if this heat continues try dredging down deeper.

Well that's what I got for ya! I believe rivers like the St. Joe and Montana tributaries will start to become more of an option as next week progresses. For now, enjoy the NF Coeur d'Alene and the lakes. Come see us if you need to restock on flies, leaders, tippets, waders, boots, rods, etc... we are Spokane's fly shop! Fully loaded and ready to roll!

- Sean Visintainer