Lucky 13

Sean Visintainer - 08/31/18

Sean Visintainer

Learning on the fly

August 31st marks the 13th year since I purchased the Silver Bow Fly Shop. I still remember the day. A sunny, mild late summer Wednesday afternoon. After I had closed up the shop I went over to Wayne Williams house and signed the paperwork to purchase the business. From then on this 23 year old was locked in to making sure the Silver Bow not only survived, but thrived in order to support the local angling community and the employees that made the shop possible. A terrifying, yet exciting time in my life. I didn't go to college, nor was brought up in business driven family. I just learn as I go.

13 years of ownership is certainly not some special milestone or anything. It is simply the time of the year that I often think back to those early days of my entrepreneurial career and reminisce about the changes that have happened. Changes in equipment, changes in economy, customers that we have gained or lost, and employees that have helped shape the Silver Bow.

Everyone that has ever worked for the Silver Bow has in some way added a piece to the Spokane fly shop. Whether they contributed to an idea, helped improve some efficiencies, cultivated new customers, or serviced existing customers with quality expertise to keep them coming back in, everyone that has ever worked at the Silver Bow has left a mark on the shop. Without a good crew like we have had, the Silver Bow Fly Shop is not possible.

Thank you to my staff for keeping the engine running. Here's to another lucky 13 years.