Loon Rogue Quickdraw Forceps

Sean Visintainer - 09/19/17

Loon Rogue Quickdraw Forceps

One tool to rule them all...

I've been using these forceps all season now and absolutely love the design and features. Customers always ask me what I use, this is what I use. There are certainly other great forceps and pliers out there too, but these ones have all the right features for my angling needs.

- Sean Visintainer

A couple highlights...

  • Carabiner Handle - Hook these guys to anything! Pack, D-Ring, pants, etc

  • Flat Tip Jaws - Jaws that can pinch tiny barbs and crimp split shot like a champ! Works for all size hooks.

  • Easy Grip Handles - Comfortable rubberized handles for a solid grip.

  • Scissors - Sharp scissors slice through any mono with ease, located right behind the jaw tips.

  • Eye Needle - A sharp needle is located on the inside of the jaws for clearing glue out of eyes. Also works well for opening split shot.

Loon Roque Quickdraw Forceps