Let Them Eat It

Sean Visintainer - 07/01/20

A spotted trout tail caught while dry fly fishing the Spokane River, Washington.

Food for thought

Recently Bo and I were fishing and floating, something we don't both get to do together very often it seems like. The great part about fishing with a long time friend, over two decades now, is the familiarity of each other's angling skills and more importantly, level of shit talking you can do to each other. With two decades of practice, you can guarantee the shit talking is pretty frequent and refined.

Fishing that particular day was spotty at best, picking off a fish here and there with euro rigs and droppers under foam chernobyls. Enough to keep you interested, but not enough to get you super amped.

As we were drifting along the day began to warm, fish were taking some interest in the big dry. As we floated by a particularly juicy slot, a very nice trout came slipping up to the surface to inspect the dry.

The sizable trout, enough to get us to perk up in the raft seats, attempted to grab the foam pattern numerous times. Each time the trout would open its wide mouth, Bo quickly tried to set the hook, repeatedly pulling the fly out and away from the fish.

Mr. Trout, not impressed with his meal being taken away from him after every attempt, said screw-it, I'm going back to my hole.

We drifted a few more seconds out of the zone and the trout long gone, I nonchalantly spoke up, "Maybe next time you should let him eat it."

The boat was silent.