Labor Day Weekend Motivation

Sean Visintainer - 08/30/19

St. Joe River, Idaho releasing a westslope cutthroat trout back to the gin clear waters. Jon Covich Photo.

Summer is winding down, but the fishing is winding up.

This rainy Friday morning has us thinking about all the great fishing weeks ahead as we approach fall. While summer is winding down, the fishing is winding up. Today has that late September vibe with the low clouds and drizzle which inspired many fall conversations today around the shop counter. Needless to say we weren't getting much work done, just fishing talk.

Traditionally Labor Day Weekend is a big one for many outdoor enthusiasts, however, this one seems to be a bit quieter from my observations. We have had a few folks in that are traveling through to other nearby destinations, but overall I think there will be less traffic on local streams. Why? I have no idea. Good thing though for those that are fishing, or thinking about it, I personally think it's shaping up nicely.

Whether you have plans to hit the St. Joe, NF Clearwater, Clark Fork, Coeur d'Alene River, or stay close to home on the Spokane, all will be solid options. We are still in the "dog days" of summer where hatches are almost nonexistent. Plan on terrestrials and small attractors as staples, but pack some emergers / parachutes / spinners for those calm water sections with finicky risers. A stealthy approach with a more realistic small pattern can go a long way during the late season fishing.

Our very good friend, Thomas & Thomas Rod rep, and Cuba travel extraordinaire Jon Covich was recently on the St. Joe River with his son and friend. Jon has ventured over from the west side for years seeking refuge from the Seattle chaos and often finds solitude on one of north Idaho's many stellar rivers. His most recent trip was to the St. Joe River in search of good dry fly fishing. Apparently from the sounds of it, and photos he sent, Jon found plenty of both.

Enjoy some of Covich's excellent photography work and have a great Labor Day Weekend wherever your plans take you.

Photo Credit: Jon Covich - Cuba Fishing Outfitters

St. Joe River cutthroat offer some of the best fly fishing opportunities in north Idaho.
Hooked up in north Idaho while fly fishing the St. Joe River. Jon Covich Photo.
A dry fly caught cutthroat trout from the St. Joe River, Idaho where some of the world's best dry fly fishing takes place. Jon Covich Photo.
The Thomas and Thomas Avantt Rod and a St. Joe River cutthroat being released. Jon Covich Photo.
Sight casting to cutthroat on the St. Joe River, Idaho. Jon Covich Photo.
Teddy Covich releasing a stellar cutthroat on the St. Joe River, Idaho. Jon Covich Photo.