June Is Prime Time

Sean Visintainer - 06/05/19

A St. Joe River cutthroat fell victim to a chubby chernobyl.

Too many options, not enough time!

I've always felt June is the best month in our region. Now I know some would argue with fall being the best, but in my opinion, June is the premier month of fishing. There is just so much happening in June it's hard to pick a favorite.

For one, our rivers get less snowpack than the Montana streams and runoff for us is a little earlier, and little more manageable. Flows typically are on the drop by June.

Air temps in June are usually pretty comfortable. The occasional rain or thunderstorm in June keeps things interesting.

Bug hatches are at their peak and a variety of insects all happen at once.

Summer travel season hasn't quite hit yet like July / August.

Lakes are hanging in there. Bass, muskie, carp, and pike fishing is all going on.

Everything is happening in June. Get out there, enjoy June for what it has to offer!

A quality brown trout caught while euro nymphing.
A salmon fly stone rest on an Abel Super Series fly rel.
Fishing the St. Joe River in Idaho for cutthroat trout.