Illegal Dumping In Spokane River

Sean Visintainer - 11/08/18

Spokane River Tire Dumping

Laziness is unacceptable

We've been noticing tires along the Spokane River banks this past season and recently noticed they were getting tossed into the river. It was already bad that they were along the banks, but the fact that they are now IN the river got my blood boiling. I reached out to our friends Jerry White and Jule Schultz for a little help. Jule and I were able to pull what we could out of the river and below the high water line, but it will require a lot more help and man power.

Jerry is reaching out to the State Parks who administer the area and HOPEFULLY they will get a crew to help remove the remaining 75+ tires illegally dumped along the Spokane River. We were shocked after looking around to find a whole bunch more than originally thought. So much in fact there is no way this is just from one person. This appears to be done by a business.

Whether this business is legal or not, the fact they are dumping a shit load of tires on the Spokane River is illegal and totally unexceptable. So sad to see. People amaze me how low they will stoop, how lazy they are, or pretty much how worthless they are as a person to do such things. STOP DUMPING TRASH ALONG OUR FISHERY!

We will keep you posted as we learn more about this mess.