Idaho Pre-Runoff Video - Part One

Sean Visintainer - 01/30/18

Winter Fly Fishing North Idaho

Time to wake up from your winter slumber

As we approach the later half of winter trout streams across the region start to wake up and begin to get a little more productive. Late winter "pre-runoff" fishing often means quiet waters and bigger fish. If you are not familiar to fishing colder temps though you will soon realize that the water you typically fish in June or July is not the same that you fish in February and March.

A few years back we put together a few videos to help you learn how to fish this time of the year more effectively. This particular video will help you learn how to identify the right water, the techniques, and presentation for helping you make your winter outings a success. The techniques discussed in the video can be applied to pretty much any freestone around the region during this colder time of the year.

A couple key tips to remember:

  • Find the slowest, deepest water during the winter season
  • Get your flies down, keep them down
  • When fishing streamers a true sink-tip line will be more effective for presentation. Sinking leaders work in a pinch
  • Inside bends, back eddies, tailouts, soft currents along the banks are all your friend
  • Mid-day is often best
  • If you don't go... you won't know!