Huck Some Line

Sean Visintainer - 08/07/20

Michael Visintainer of the Silver Bow Fly Shop casting to cutthroat on the St. Joe River Idaho.

Cool temps. Cool cutthroat.

Cooler temps this weekend should make for improved fishing conditions around the region.

Mike and I took advantage of the drop in temps and visited the St. Joe River yesterday. Upon arrival fish were already looking up as soon as we arrived.

Hatches were sparse or almost non-existent throughout most of the day, but a well placed terrestrial or big attractor like a gypsy king did well. While a variety of patterns took fish, or at least got interest, it was the bigger chernobyl style flies that got the bigger "Joe" cutties looking up. Maybe it was the cooler temps, who knows, but I never complain when trout want to eat a larger meal.

River traffic was busy-ish for a Thursday, but it looked mostly like folks camping, or driving around. We didn't have too much trouble finding water to fish. Plus the harder you worked to get away from the access the better, but that's pretty typical for any day of fishing.

Get out and huck some line this weekend, should be a good one!